Royal Destiny

Royal Destiny Series

This is a working title, but I hope the agent/publisher will want to keep it. Early on in the first draft of my novel, I realized that to finish the stories properly, I would need to write more than one book (very scary).  Working titles are: Book I - Shayla;  Book II - Nadua;  Book III - Reunion.

The story starts in Eastern Europe in the spring of 1919. The Great War is finished and the Paris Peace Talks are underway; however, small wars are still continuing in flung off places that the larger countries don't care about. Surplus war equipment is being sold and more readily available, air forces are being built due to the combat use of aeroplanes started in the Great War, socialism is on the rise, royal houses are decimated across Europe, great changes are being made in society and technology.

Because of modern war equipment, the ancient tribes in the mountains of Mederan are now threatened by Rejadan, a stronger country to the east. From Mederan, Rejadan could attack two neighboring countries that have access to the ocean - Kwardin and Norjuka.

Shayla, Royal Daughter of Mederan, has a problem. As part of an alliance and to return the true royal blood back on the throne, she agrees to marry the Crown Prince of Kwardin. After her engagement and the alliance are announced, Shayla journeys to visit her mother at a convent. Along the way, she finds an injured man and nurses him back to health. Kris is an archaeologist from Norjuka, and Shayla falls in love with him.

Kristjan, Crown Prince of Norjuka, has a problem. In a few weeks, he'll be marrying Princess Louisa of Great Britian, but he's been kidnapped by Rejadan and held in a watchtower guarded by the warrior priests of Orsa. He's injured while escaping and finds himself being cared for by Shay, a healer from Mederan. He falls in love with her.

Nadua is a Royal Daughter of Mederan and Shayla's distant cousin, best friend and sister-at-heart. She wants to learn how to fly an aeroplane, understand how modern machines and equipment work.  Her dream is to help Mederan become a modern country, so she becomes a university student in Norjuka. She meets Nicolas who teaches her how to fly an aeroplane; her cousin Petriac, also a student, attempts to involve her in his socialist movement; modern ways makes Nadua question her true beliefs.

Nicholas is Kristjan's younger brother who plans to learn to how to fly an aeroplane and help build Norjuka's new airforce. Nicholas' life is also filled with parties and nightclub fun with his carefree high society friends. He has no plans to marry until he's much older, but when he does, he'll look for a modern, classy, high society woman. So, why is he attracted to a pretty, but lowly, university student?

Mikael, Crown Prince of Kwardin, is Kristjan's cousin and best friend. He has no plans for marriage. His first love is racing motorcars overland, followed by a passion for affairs with married women.

Louisa is a cousin of the ruling family in Great Britian, and as a beautiful modern popular woman, she attracted Kristjan's attention when he attended Oxford. Louisa desires a marriage that will guarantee her a life of luxury that includes fun high society events and visiting friends throughout Europe.

Follow this new generation of royals as they struggle to choose their own destinies while families and countries demand that they fulfill their royal destinies.

I'm an avid reader of historical romance novels, but I also enjoy adventure and a bit of learning mixed in.  I hope that I'm not the only one and that others will enjoy the characters, setting, adventure and romance in the Royal Destiny series.